Ultra Gypsy: innovative belly dance theater company, San Francisco, California

San Francisco Bay Area, 1996, dancer and choreographer Jill Parker founded Ultra Gypsy, innovative belly dance theater after her dancing career as an original member of "Fat Chance Belly Dance" or FCB company. Jill Parker, Mamma of the modern tribal fusion bellydance movement is an award winning teacher/choreographer. Adding her own definition on tribal, she quickly became a pioneer in the American Tribal Style. From Tribal style Jill Parker moved more and more to fusion bellydance, still firmly rooted in American tribal and oriental dance.

Her ideas came to live in her own productions together with the troupe "Ultra Gypsy". Every bellydancer has something of a gypsy isn't it? In fact gypsy refers to Egypt as the word came originally from the "gyptians". The wandering tribes or tsigane that entertained the high society, important weddings and kermesses (Renaissance fairs) were called gypts in the Middle Ages.

Together with Tamara Nelson who specializes in bellydance/yoga & movement therapy, Jill Parker is also director of the Foxglove Sweethearts. With over two decades of experience, Jill trained the top bellydancers in the genre. Muscle awareness, isolation, flexibility and grace mark her shows and workshops.

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